We know
what’s important.

Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of what we do, integral to our values, influencing our decisions and driving our improvements.

We’re very proud of our achievements to date and we know that working to progress the evolution CSR strategy across the business strengthens our position as a foremost provider of goods and services to a diverse customer base. It means that not only do we challenge ourselves to think and behave differently, but our supplier and customer partners too.

To find out more about our CSR targets and commitments and what we are doing to achieve these download a copy of our CSR Charter here.

Our Environment

At evo we stock and ship thousands of product lines via our delivery network to our customers. We know this has an environmental impact and it is our responsibility to reduce that impact as much as possible. We know that working collaboratively up and down stream within our supply chain and our own day to day operations is the best way to bring about positive change that will reduce our  environmental footprint for the benefit of future generations.

We welcome innovation of all kinds from our supplier and customer partners and are working on key environmental initiatives including:

arrowA Carbon Net Zero Strategy

arrowGoing procured plastic free within our operations

arrowBecoming Waste Free

To maintain zero waste to landfill across our distribution centres


Reduce the consumption of single-use plastic by a further 10%


To reduce electricity and gas consumption by 30%


To reduce water consumption by 10%


To reduce waste
by 20%

To reduce waste by 20%


To increase biodiversity
at our sites


To reduce greenhouse gas
production by 20%


We have already achieved many of our targets in reducing plastics and packaging. We switched to renewable energy in 2019 and have already implemented actions to further reduce our energy consumption. Additionally we have been zero waste to landfill at our Distribution Centres for several years.

Our Supply Chain

In return for an excellent route to market, evo has high expectations for our supplier partners.

More than ever, assurances are required that goods are manufactured in a way that does not negatively impact employees, communities and environments in which they
operate. Compliance with legislation is a minimum standard, but we expect that our suppliers will operate with values corresponding to our own, ensuring that everyone  goes home safely at the end of the working day and has rights to normal benefits of working. To this end, we ensure that suppliers accept our Conditions of Purchase, sign and agree to our Code of Conduct so that they follow a Responsible Procurement rocess and are prepared to be audited on a risk ranked basis.

When it comes to product, new ranges – especially those with sustainable credentials – are proactively welcomed. Our customer base is incredibly broad and the desire for product that fulfills needs in a more sustainable way is stronger than ever. Our merchandisers are currently working towards::

• A sustainable product in every range
• An enhanced supplier compliance programme
• Reduced carbon deliveries

We have already achieved significant diversification of the product ranges and services offered.


1255 SKU’s


Increase in
green SKU’s


5404 SKU’s

Our People

Our employees are our strength. We rely on an incredibly skilled set of people to work collaboratively across evo to meet ever-changing demands.

It is our belief that optimised career planning including apprenticeship, training and development, combined with a culture of safety links closely to enhanced employee wellbeing and engagement. We endeavour to offer a working environment that is  challenging and rewarding in a positive way, ensuring that our employees have the opportunity to progress their careers in the ways they want.

That said, work is not everything and at evo we are extremely proud of the  volunteering and charitable activities that our employees undertake. They are entitled  to devote one working day per year to supporting a volunteering project of their choice  and have achieved a huge amount in the community over time.

Our Community

As a large company, evo has locations across the UK and Ireland. We consider it our social responsibility to add value within those communities and beyond. This links to stable employment and the offer of apprenticeships to young and disadvantaged people.

We pride ourselves on improving those communities too, not only through the voluntary and charitable activities of our employees, but through donations to those less fortunate than ourselves including goods, time and skills.