VOW is the UK’s largest specialist business products and facilities supplies wholesaler

VOW’s strategy involves making resellers’ lives easier by focusing on three key areas: improving customers’ experience, creating opportunities for them to sell more and being innovative. The company’s emphasis on these fields is designed to help make it a world class wholesaler and its determination to achieve this goal means resellers should continually expect more from it. Initiatives already introduced under the three key headings include VOW’s unique Product Conveyor, which has revolutionised the channel and delivered a quantum leap in reseller competitiveness. It allows resellers to order new products as they become available throughout the year, rather than relying on the industry’s traditional rigid merchandising and annual catalogue cycle.

Most of VOW’s sales are no longer of traditional office supplies and the company invested over £1m during 2017 in key growth areas. These include furniture, facilities supplies and its range of exclusive brands, which embraces technology essentials, catering products and cleaning supplies, among other items.

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VOW offers a wide range of business services including marketing initiatives, e-commerce solutions, business development programmes and logistics options, all which help to grow VOW’s Resellers’ businesses. VOW also carries its own brand Q-Connect range.

The major product categories distributed by VOW include:

  • Office Essentials
  • Paper Supplies
  • Electronic Office Supplies
  • Facilities Supplies
  • Furniture
  • Technology and Machines

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