The group of companies’ transport business, delivering a million parcels a month

Truline is the EVO Group of Companies’ transport business, managing deliveries on behalf of Banner and VOW. With a workforce of over 450 and delivering a million parcels a month, Truline employs its own drivers and operates almost 350 of its own vehicles – from articulated lorries to vans – meeting all low emission standards. The company’s vehicles all have trackers, enabling it to monitor their current and past locations, plus identify any driver performance issues, such as harsh braking, poor cornering or speeding. Truline does its own trunking, ensuring orders are collected from its warehouses and delivered directly into its hubs, located from Livingston to Plymouth. This reduces additional handling and the danger of delays or missing orders.   

Truline operates from Sunday evening to Friday evening each week, making:

  • Standard next-day deliveries
  • Key drops during the night for some customers
  • Bulk deliveries
  • Desktop and in-room deliveries
  • Timed deliveries
  • Security cleared deliveries, to locations such as prisons, airports and banks

Our values.

Undeniably trustworthy.

Our customers trust us to make the right choices for their business when they’re making big procurement decisions. It’s because of our consistently reliable delivery and service, open and transparent approach and the ability to demonstrate sustainable innovation. End-users trust us to provide an excellent shopping experience. They tell us we’re a safe pair of hands.

Refreshingly open.

We are an open and honest team, because that’s the only way to be. Customers trust us and we trust them, we are simply people working together to achieve mutual success. It’s this approach that allows us to push boundaries, ask questions and innovate.

We enable customers to achieve their procurement goals through our close consultative approach. Our expert advice is based on detailed customer insight and analysis. From this we tell you what you need.

Passionately vibrant.

We are a dynamic team of people with a real passion for helping our customers. We smile because of the energy and enthusiasm we have for what we do. Our customers enjoy working with us because we build lasting relationships; they tell us they value our people – who really make a difference to how we do business.

Confidently forward-thinking.

We always strive to achieve more because we know we can. Our enthusiasm and unwavering dedication to evolve and innovate is based on real customer insight.

We identify a genuine need to work with our customers to achieve it. Our decisions are informed, and we’re not afraid to make them.

Our impressive infrastructure means that customers are enabled and empowered to achieve their procurement targets, whatever they may be

Did you know?

We pick over 100,000 lines a day


We are EVO