by | Mar 10, 2022

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, EVO has performed a review to identify any direct links to Russia or products with a Russian country of origin. We can confirm that no EVO Group company has any direct trading links with Russia.

However we have identified a small number of paper products, sourced from third party paper wholesalers which are manufactured in Russia. No further orders will be placed with the paper mills identified and existing orders have been cancelled. While we appreciate that this will increase the challenges in sourcing paper and lead to further cost inflation, we are strongly of the view that this is the right and responsible thing to do. We are working hard to ensure that our customers experience minimal impact resulting from the disruption to paper supplies.

We also wholeheartedly support our Ukrainian employees who have made the decision to return to their home country at this time. On behalf of everyone at EVO, they will be in our thoughts and we hope that they are able to remain safe. Their jobs will be here for them when they get back.

EVO is also coordinating the donation of essential supplies to support the people of Ukraine, with support from our 1,800 colleagues across our 26 branches.

Steve Haworth CEO