Eco friendly packaging

by | May 7, 2019

In a bid to reduce single-use plastics by 30% before 2020 across our business, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve introduced Eco-friendly packaging throughout our warehouses, for small pick parcels.

 At Banner, we deliver an impressive 6,000 small pick parcels a week, that’s around 30,000 a month and 312,000 per year! We’re proud that these parcels now contain a cushion of recycled cardboard instead of harmful plastics.

Reducing our impact on the environment
By recycling our used or damaged cardboard boxes into shock absorbent netted material, for use as void fill instead of plastic, we’re now shredding and recycling over 360 tonnes of cardboard per year; that’s equivalent to around the weight of 72 Asian Elephants! This new initiative will reduce our impact on the environment and the amount of waste produced.

What our customers have to say
The eco-friendly packaging launched this year, following a successful pilot initiative, with customer feedback showing just how important recycling is to our customers.

Over 93% of customers, who took part in our pilot, were either satisfied or very satisfied with the new packaging. 80% of customers said they always recycle packaging from their deliveries and 94% said recycling is extremely important to them.

Not only will this reduce Banners carbon footprint but also our customers too, because it’s easier to recycle and dispose of.

Commitment to CSR
Craig Varey, Managing Director at Banner says: “Driving down the use of single-use plastics within Banner is a big focus for us because we recognise the impact single-use plastic has on the environment.

We are committed to the delivery of our CSR strategy and operate across four key pillars, which cover; Our Natural Environment, Our Supply Chain, Our Communities and Our People. This year we’re expanding on the investments and commitments that we have already been making for several years now.”

Sustainable products from Banner

With Banner you can meet not only your operational and efficiency targets, but also your environmental ones with our range of sustainable products. From hot drink cups and lids to water cups and cutlery, Banner’s range of PLA (Polylactic Acid) products naturally degrade when exposed to the environment.