evo announces an exclusive partnership with Jabra for Ireland

by | Nov 23, 2021

The widely reported upheaval and disruption to the Irish supply chain following Brexit created challenges for many global brands. evo, Ireland’s largest distributor of workplace supplies, was perfectly positioned with expert resources and capacity to help support these businesses to distribute their goods into the Irish market.

The evo Ireland team grasped the opportunity launching a 3rd party logistics solution facilitating the exclusive distribution of goods from the UK, Europe and the Far East, into Ireland, keeping the products and brands in the Irish market and meeting end-user demand.

Jabra are the latest global brand to agree a master distribution partnership with evo in Ireland. Jabra specialize in audio equipment, and more recently videoconference systems. Jabra engineers, manufactures, and markets wireless, true wireless, and corded headphones for consumers and business customers. This direct distribution deal agreed with evo Ireland, allows full access to the entire Jabra range and offers support to win new customers for both businesses, the agreement has already proved very successful for both companies.

Ashley Burke, evo Ireland Managing Director, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Jabra, this new partnership will deliver significant benefits for Jabra, evo and consumers here in Ireland. We know the Irish market, customs processes and customers
and we know how to connect brands with customers big and small. This partnership with Jabra demonstrates our strategic ambition of becoming the go-to partner for brands in Ireland. Utilising our experience in the Irish market we’re creating opportunities for them to sell more and being easier for them to deal with through innovation.”

Since Brexit, Ashley’s 3PL strategy has delivered +25% growth in trading contribution, 17 master-distribution agreements (some including warranty and returns management services) and a warm pipeline of brands waiting to be implemented.

evo the partner of choice for Ireland

Our wealth of experience and knowledge can provide business critical services including storage, handling, distribution and network optimisation for manufacturers and brands

We can help….

  • Consolidate export costs to one single customer
  • Remove administration and financial challenges of importing to ROI
  • Stock key volume lines in ROI for next day delivery to existing customers

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